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I believe that we can improve the conditions of our educational system by conscious budgeting and standing on the commitment to work for the advancement of our children.

We Can Better equip our schools by: 

  • Effective budgeting and allocation of funding

  • Restoring Parent choice 

  • Ensuring that staff and students are properly safety trained

  • Staff each school with mental health counselors and support services

  • Salary increases that reflect the requirements of the profession

  • Empowering teachers with the resources necessary to teach 

We Can Better Prepare our Students with: 

  • Instructional delivery designed to meet individual learner needs

  • Mental wellness support 

  • Increased opportunities to experience real-world learning

  • Community Internships 

  • Student leadership opportunities 

  • Business partnerships

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We Can Have a Better society when we do the work necessary to develop our schools.